What are the probable reasons behind a dog whining?

Dogs are friendly creatures that cannot converse in words. But, they do communicate in several ways and one of them is Dog Whining. When the dogs want attention or if they are anxious, they start whining. Not knowing why the dog is whining and hearing the continuous noise coming from canine creature is very annoying. You need to know if the dog seeks attention through this gesture. It may happen that the pet starts whining as soon as you are around or you tell it to ‘shut up’ as soon as it whines. Dogs do not speak and give out gestures to communicate with the owner. There are many reasons for whining.

Appeasement whining: the prime reason for dog whining

Appeasement whining is the direct response to dog’s submissive behavior towards the human beings. So, when the dog shows that he is being submissive to your alpha dog status, it can whine a bit. The act of whining is accompanied by submissive reactions physically like showing belly or tucking of tail.

Dog Whining

Motivational whining

There can be greeting whining which is backed by motivational excitement. This kind of whining may be directed towards you or the other dogs. When you return home after your work, the dog can whine to suggest his excitement on seeing you. There can be smiling and some tail wagging as well.

Seeking attention

Your dog may want your attention and start whining. In case, you are too busy on the laptop, doing your work, the dog may whine a bit to gain your attention. This type of whining is accompanied by occasional stare and thus you cannot avoid it.

Whining out of anxiety


At times, dogs are very anxious and show their anxiety through whining. The creature can be anxious about the surroundings or with other animals. There can be separation anxiety as well where the dog whines out of loneliness. The type of whining is characterized by pacing, panting, drooling and destroying of indoor objects.

Injury related whining

The dog can whine in response to some physical discomfort or pain. When the pup has physical discomfort, it is better to take it to some vet. Whining is the most versatile kind of communication way the dog has. When it whines, you can improve your bonding to pacify it.

Whining: a common sign of stress

Whining clearly shows that the dog is stressed due to some reason. Dogs whine prior to barking. The act is accompanied by cowering, pacing, panting, low tail carriage and many more. It is good to notice the behavior of the dog prior to taking some step. The pet can also whine when it greets some guest arriving at your site. Linked to stress, the dog might feel that the new person can cause harm. The dog displays appeasement behavior like holding the ears back, crouching, tucking of tail, etc.

If you are tired of dog whining, it is important to stop it by following the tips. Proper dog training is a must if you wish to stop the whining altogether. Get help from a professional trainer if you are unable to help out.


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