Dog Whining


Dog Whining is the form of dog vocal communication which may suggest that the canine creature is in pain. It is difficult to ignore the whining dog. It demands you to take notice or pity the creature. But then, it can happen that your pet whines for no reason. If it whines during the night time from the crate, it is even more uneasy. In fact, the progression towards whining suggests heightened level of energy or excitement. They whine to communicate some emotional state, physical and mental needs. Any kind of physical pain, distress makes the dog to whine or the dog which does not get sufficient exercise will whine.

In case, the dog whines while lying down in a submissive posture, then you need to consult your veterinarian. Dogs that want to relieve themselves do whine. It is also the sign of submission suggesting that it gives up. Dogs can give appeasement whine whereby you need to acknowledge it quietly. If the canine creature is excited emotionally, it whines with full energy. A lot of jumping, yipping and circling is accompanied by the act of whine. Although being a cute gesture, the whining act may be annoying if you fail to understand the reason.

Dog Whining

How to stop dog whining?

Although whining is the part of a dog’s nature or behavior, whining is uncomfortable for many pet owners. Even a puppy has the tendency to whine and makes strange noises to suggest some kind of pain and communicate with humans. Fully grown up dog has the tendency to whine when it is not trained. You need to be friendly with the pet and rectify the behavior. It is important to train the dog in a friendly manner. Be firm and consistent when it comes to training the dog. Use collar and whistle to train it. You can sternly say ‘No’ to whining in order to suggest that it is a bad behavior and totally unacceptable. To stop whining altogether, you need to first understand the reason behind it. There are ways of identifying the cause of such behavior.


The dog being separated from the pack

Dogs are social beings and when they are separated from the pack or group, they start whining to suggest separation anxiety. Dogs do it to gain your attention and communicate the reason. If this is the case, you can help out your pet by giving some interesting toys, favorite food item or simply play with the dog for some time. The pet will hence associate with the crate in this manner. You may also place some old cloth in the crate so that the dog feels your presence even when you are not there.

Tips to stop whining

•    Play with the dog and stay near to his crate. So, wherever the dog stays for most of the times, you need to stay there.

•    Let the dog stay alone after you have been with it for some time. In fact, the dog will not whine for a few minutes or hours.

•    When you hear the Dog Whining, do not go near to the pet till he has stopped whining altogether. This will teach him the way of behaving. If you go back when the dog is whining, it shows that the pet is able to control you.

•    Try and prolong your intervals and stay away from the dog for substantial periods.

•    If the dog stops whining, reinforce the pet by patting the back. Rewarding the dog is the perfect way to teach him how to stop whining.

Appease the dog

The dog can whine out of sheer anxiety and excitement. If it whines in a submissive state, this shows anxiety. Try and improve the confidence level by rewarding the dog. Never use any verbal and physical punishment since that can counteract the positive impact. Try to be stern but friendly. If the confidence of the dog grows, you will hear less of the whining.

Dogs usually whine for gaining attention. In fact, this is the toughest kind of whining to avoid. If the canine creature wants to go out, it will whine. But then, do not take your dog outside when it whines. Only when it has stopped whining, you should take the dog outside for reward.